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Clean Coasts Monthly Catch-up – December 20192020-01-15T16:15:38+00:00

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Hi Clean Coasts group
2019 is almost over…what a year it has been! 

From all the Clean Coasts Team, we would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year!

A sincere thank you for all your efforts throughout 2019 – The work undertaken by the Clean Coasts groups in Ireland has been incredible. 

Take a look at what we have achieved together in 2019!

In 2019 we celebrated so many great achievements:
  • There are now over 900 Clean Coasts groups and approximately 24,000 volunteers all over Ireland;
  • Love Your Coast turned 10;
  • We organised 20 Roadshows;
  • During the Clean Coasts Week, over 5,400 volunteer removed 27 tonnes of marine litter – that’s the equivalent of 14 cars!
  • During the Big Beach Clean, approximately 8,000 volunteers removed over 45 tonnes of marine litter – that is the same weight as 11 African elephants!
  • This year we held over 140 clean-ups through our CSR programme, removing 5 tonnes of marine litter and raising €80K to support our groups and projects;
  • At the start of the year, we were able to give grants exceeding €35K to Clean Coasts groups; and
  • We kept working on our #2minutebeachclean and #thinkb4uflush campaigns.
And theres more
In 2019, Clean Coasts awarded 8 Ocean Heroes, ran Clean Coasts events at as Sea Sessions and Other Voices, took up the Plastic Free July challenge, celebrated World Toilet Day and more…


Here is a video of what we have been up to together!

So from all of us – many thanks for being great to work with and we look forward to continuing to support your efforts next year.

Nollaig shona agus Bliain Nua síochánta
The Clean Coasts Team



Think Before You Flush on World Toilet Day2020-01-15T15:02:27+00:00

Think Before You Flush on World Toilet Day

Clean Coasts, Irish Water and the National College of Art and Design unveil an installation of 4 toilets with a difference

19 November, 2019 | Clean Coasts, Irish Water and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) have collaborated to highlight the “Think Before You Flush” campaign on World Toilet Day as they unveil an installation of four toilets with a difference. The toilets will be displayed in Heuston and Connolly stations in Dublin. The collaboration marks the launch of the fourth year of the Think Before You Flush campaign and the installation will be showcased in public locations across Ireland in the coming months.


Students from NCAD Bureau+ worked on the toilets as part of a “Design for Debate” project. Their brief was to bring the issues raised by the “Think Before You Flush” campaign to the public’s attention in a creative way. Each toilet highlights a different element of the campaign, from the size and scale of the problem to the impact our flushing behaviour can have on the environment.

Speaking about the installation of four toilets, Ian Walton, NCAD Bureau+ said, “We have used Design for Debate to provoke conversations around peoples flushing behaviour. Using simple white toilets as a blank canvas, we tasked the designers to respond to the environmental issues created by flushing rubbish into the sewer system. What they have created is four very different pieces, each of which is engaging and hopefully will grab people’s attention on their commute. If we can educate even a small percentage of those people and change their behaviours then our job is done.”

World Toilet Day is celebrated annually on 19 November and is about inspiring action to tackle the global sanitation crisis affecting millions. In Ireland we are lucky to have a functional sanitation system but for many across the globe this is not the case. It is our responsibility to create and maintain good bathroom behaviour to keep our precious infrastructure running smoothly and to safeguard our environment.

Speaking about the importance of World Toilet Day, Elaine Doyle, Clean Coasts, said, “’The Think Before You Flush’ campaign highlights the importance of not using your toilet as a bin. The toilet can be seen as a gateway to the sea. During beach cleans the Clean Coasts staff and volunteers find sewage related waste such as wet wipes and cotton bud sticks, these have been flushed down a toilet and made their way to the beach. This World Toilet Day we ask people to regard the privilege we have that we have access to proper sanitation, unfortunately more than half the world’s population do not, and always think before you flush. We are delighted to work with Irish Water and NCAD Bureau+ for World Toilet Day with their reimagined toilets and to get the public talking about the power they hold with a simple flush.’

“Think Before You Flush” is a public awareness campaign about the problems sanitary products and other items can cause in our marine environment and our wastewater network when they are flushed down the toilet. When the 3 Ps (Pee Poo & Paper) are flushed down the toilet they travel along the sewer network to our wastewater treatment plants, where they are treated and the effluent is returned safely to our rivers and seas.

Speaking about the size and scale of the problem associated with flushing the wrong things down the toilet, Tom Cuddy, Irish Water said, ”Every day people flush thousands of sanitary items such as wet wipes and cotton bud sticks down the toilet instead of simply putting them in the bin. This causes blockages in our network, pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants. These items can also end up on our beaches. We have removed more than 8,000 reported blockages from the sewer network so far this year, dealt with thousands of other blockages during planned work and we have also removed thousands of tonnes of ragging from wastewater treatment plants around the country.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Clean Coasts to deliver this important campaign and I would like to commend the students in NCAD on their installation which will really spark the public’s interest in the “Think Before You Flush” campaign and shine a light on the importance of World Toilet Day”.

Whilst “Think Before You Flush” is a national campaign that is promoted across the country, every year we select a number of communities where we work closely with businesses, schools and the community to deliver educational workshops and engage the local residents in the campaign. This year the six “Think Before You Flush” Communities are; Wicklow Town; Dundalk in Louth; Bundoran in Donegal; Sligo; Mallow in Cork and Tralee in Kerry.

For more information about ‘Think Before You Flush’ and the design for debate project please visit, /

Clean Coasts Monthly Catch-Up – November 20192020-01-15T16:21:52+00:00

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Hi Clean Coasts group

November has been a very busy month for Clean Coasts: lots of event s have been taking place and all hands are on deck to organise our end of the year event, the Clean Coast Ocean Hero Awards. 

As always, we have loved reading throughout the months stories from volunteers around the country that despite the cold weather have been working to keep our coast clean and beautiful. 

We also worked on a special art project involving…toilets! 

Are you curious to learn more and see what’s coming next? Keep reading!


Ocean Hero Awards – Meet the Nominees

In November, we have announced the nominees of the Clean Coasts Ocean Hero Awards!

The call for Clean Coasts’ Ocean Hero Awards nominations closed on 11th November and the Clean Coasts team was delighted to see that the efforts of all volunteers that have been working all year to protect our coast and our marine environment have been recognised. 

This year we will be awarding volunteers across 8 different categories. These are the volunteers who were nominated to receive the award:

Volunteer of the Year
Proinsias O’Tuama, Co. Cork
Louise Hastings, Co. Mayo
Mark McCarthy, Co. Cork
Sean Ferguson, Co. Wexford

Group of the Year
Clean Coasts Ballynamona, Co. Cork
The Coastal Warriors, Co. Donegal
Keep Our Beaches Clean, Co. Mayo
Bull Island Action Group, Co. Dublin

Youth Group of the Year
Dungarvan Youthreach, Co. Waterford
National Learning Network, Co. Louth and Co. Meath
St Colman Community School, Co. Cork

Youth Volunteer of the Year
Dean and Natasha O’ Leary, Co. Cork
Thomas Butler, Co. Waterford
 Evan, Alex, Dylan, Co. Kerry

Beach Clean of the Year
Kerry Islamic Outreach Clean Up, Co. Kerry
Maharees Conservation, Co. Kerry
Seastainability and Pickers Pal, Co. Dublin

Business of the Year
Dell EMC, Co. Cork
Island Viewing Riding Stables, Co. Sligo
Galway Atlantaquaria, Co. Galway

Think Before You Flush Community of the Year (supported by Irish Water)
Bundoran Tourist Office, Co. Donegal
Belmullet Tidy Towns, Co. Mayo
Blackrock Tidy Towns, Co. Dublin

Fishing Community of the Year (supported by BIM)
Clew Bay CLAMS group, Co. Mayo
Kilmore Quay Fishing Community, Co. Wexford 
Irish South and West Production. Co. Cork

Nominees will be awarded the title of Clean Coasts Ocean Hero across the different categories on 3rd December in Dublin. 

For more info about these incredible volunteer groups and individuals visit our website.

Learn more about the nominees

Why did we take part in World Toilet Day?

While this day is not widely know it is celebrated annually to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis and move towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6, which promises sanitation for all by 2030. That’s not too far away so we need to get moving.

In Ireland people often giggle when we mentioned World Toilet Day, after all there is a toilet around every corner. However with great power comes great responsibility.  Since we have such great access to toilet facilities and don’t fear illnesses related with bad sanitation we must treat those toilets well.

Take me to the website

Our Project with NCAD

Clean Coasts, Irish Water and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) have collaborated for World Toilet Day to mark this special day and the launch of the fourth year of the Think Before You Flush campaign. Students from the National College of Art and Design worked on 4 the toilets as part of a “Design for Debate” project to bring the issues raised by the “Think Before You Flush” campaign to the public’s attention in a creative way. Each toilet highlights a different element of the campaign from the size and scale of the problem of flushing wipes down the toilet to the connection between our bathrooms and the environment.